The Dream Begins.....

Start with an empty room 16.5' x 27' (roughly 450 useable square feet). Looking from where the control room will be located. Gee that 11' x 4' nook would be a great place to store my guitars.

Building the "floating" amp and drum deck.

Adding some carpet and padding, Mmmm comfy.

The deck is almost complete.

Behind that 8" thick double-insulated wall and thru that 2' x 4' window will be the 9' x 11' control room.

A nice place for a few guitars indeed. Eventually this will be a display area, but for now, lets leave them in their cases.

How about a nice hardwood floor to warm things up, both visually and acoustically. The hardwood floor is also "floated."

Lisa is recruited for some manual labor.

It's starting to look like a studio. Note the faux exposed beams on the wall for that retro-European look. And yes, those are mousepads, 1/8th inch of high-density foam rubber, with a thin layer of plastic is just what the acoustic doctor ordered to keep those bass notes from rumbling and/or transferring to the foundation."

Lets build a control room with a special thanks to Auralex for their products and advise.

Thanks to the folks at Omnirax for the custom furniture.

Control Room all loaded up.

Just for a reference to how much room we have, here is a shot of the group "Lost Art" who came by to lay some tracks for the Hamer Fan Club CD. As you can see 4 musicians fit comfortably with plenty of room to spare.

The studio is not quite complete, but really only needs finishing touches and wiring at this point. The "Lost Art" and "Radio Paradigm" sessions were done as favors and the opportunity to blow some dust off the gear. More pictures of the finished studio, and other sessions with "Radio Paradigm", and "Stick Figure" will be coming soon... /mkb