Welcome to Baron's Audio Technology

I started recording when I was 15. I guess my first "paying gig" recording job was in summer '77 recording a piano and flute duo at a niteclub on the Banner Lodge summer resort in my hometown of Moodus, CT. My setup was pathetic. A Radio Shack top loading cassette deck, and some cheap microphones. I guess I got lucky but the result was fantastic. The artist took the cassette to his studio, cleaned it up a bit and included recordings from that "Realistic 90" tape on his demo. I was bit by the "recording bug."

I started working for the pianist as an aprentice in his studio. From that time until just a few years ago, including 14 years spent in the US Navy traveling the world, playing music and meeting musicians and engineers, I have collected gear, created project studios, recorded numerous gigs of all sizes, and collected knowledge.

The result is contained in these WEB pages. Enjoy your visit. Miles-Kevin Baron