Policy, Studio Etiquette and Tips

At Baron's Audio Technology, we offer quality recording, production and mastering services. The below studio policies are geared toward artist comfort, creativity, and piece of mind.

  • Bring your instruments, amps, microphones, pedals, a positive attitude, and anything else that you use to get "your" sound. Baron's Audio Technology also has a variety of analog and digital, and both state-of-the-art and vintage, effects and amps that may be used.

  • Artists and musicians are encouraged to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to scheduled session time. The thirty minutes of setup time included in the rates, will begin at the scheduled session time, not at the time that the client shows up if late.

  • Balance of payment is due at the end of each session. Absolutely NO recordings will leave the studio until payment is received in full.

  • All recording projects require the purchase of DAT, ADAT, Cassette or CD-R Media. Clients may supply their own media but no guarantee is made against recording with it.

  • At Baron's Audio Technology we use the highest quality ADAT, DAT, CD-R and Cassette media available.

  • Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted in the studio. No illegal substances are permitted on the premises. Soft drinks and snacks are available, even Lisa's famous homemade chocolate chip cookies on occasion. If you have a preference for a special brand beverage or snack, please let us know in advance and every effort will be made to insure plenty is available.

  • When scheduling, keep in mind that music is art, and art takes time. As a rough estimate to plan session time for recording basic tracks, start with 2-hours and add one hour for each song to be recorded. This is a very aggressive estimate and assumes that you are totally prepared to record your already finished songs. Estimate does not include mastering, production or time to add additional tracks, or layering.

  • For voice-over and narration projects start with 30 minutes and add times based on a ratio of 4:1 session time vs. actual script time. As an example: Fifteen minutes of script can be estimated to take ninety minutes of studio time and one hour of material could be estimated to take 4.5 hours of studio time. This estimate does not include mastering time.