MASTERING                            $10.00/min of material
  • Includes one copy of Mastered CD
  • Duplication services available

    2-Track Recording (live mix-down)             $40.00/hr*
  • Includes -hour setup and -hour break-down
  • Mix directly to DAT
  • Additional flat fee of $100 for on-site recording

    Digital Recording, Editing or Mixing          $40.00/hr*
  • Includes -hour setup and -hour break-down

    8/16-Track ADAT                                         $50.00/hr*
  • Includes -hour setup and -hour break-down
  • Requires 1 ADAT for each 8 tracks
  • Additional $100/session for 24 or 32 tracks
  • Additional flat fee of $100 for on-site recording

    Voice-Over for Narration                            $30.00/hr*
  • Includes -hour setup
  • Recorded to DAT or Hard Disk in any standard PC format
  • Client to choose media for delivery (DAT, CD-R, Jazz, ZIP, etc.)
  • Additional $20/hr for voice talent provided by Baron's Audio Technology

    * Listed fee is for sessions less than four-hours in hour increments. A discount of 20% will apply for pre-booked sessions of 4 hours or more. A minimum payment of $80.00 is due at time of booking. This fee is applied to the total charge for the session and can only be refunded if the studio for any reason cancels the session or if the artist wishes to cancel and does so at least 48 hours before the scheduled session time. Emergencies of course will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

    ** At Baron's Audio Technology our goal is to provide the artist with a recording that best represents the artists "vision" and goals. Baron's Audio Technology's producer works closely with the artist to achieve this goal during recording, and at appropriate points during the mastering stages. This is the most common and recommended style of mastering at Baron's Audio Technology. If the artist requests "full participation" by themselves or their producer in all aspects of the mastering process, an additional charge of $25.00/hr per will be added to the listed production fees. In addition, mastering sessions will be a minimum of 2 hours. There are no additional charges for the artist or the artist's producer to participate in the recording process.